New Runnymede Trust report: ‘Passing the Baton: Inter-generational Conceptions of Race and Racism in Birmingham’

The report found that there has been a depoliticisation of concepts of racism – older activists and younger people had very different views, and there are some concerning findings about on inter-community relationships.


Earlier in the year the Trust awarded a contract to the Runnymede Trust to prepare a report on the differences in how older (Windrush generation) and younger (under 25s) people view racism. The research was done in Handsworth and has just been completed. The ‘Passing the Baton’ report is available on the Runnymede website here:


The Runnymede Trust noted that: “This research found is that the stereotypes of apathetic and disengaged youth are wide of the mark. Young people we spoke to were active, engaged and impassioned. They had serious and often subtle things to say about how racism affects their lives and their life-chances.”


Running alongside this research work was a video project in which Runnymede interviewed 70 people, also in Handsworth. The videos are fascinating and can be viewed on their website