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Barriers to Effective Resettlement: End Friday Prison Release

Nacro has called for an end to Friday prison releases because of the time constraints they place on prisoners. Being released on Friday leaves prisoners minimal time to access vital housing, employment and benefits services before they close for the weekend. This can result in people not being able to collect medication, having to sleep rough and survive on a £46 discharge grant until services reopen on Monday.

Currently one third of prison releases take place on Friday, Nacro Chief Executive Jacob Tas has called for a a change in the current system stating:

“Ending Friday releases would go a long way towards helping people leave prison with the time to access the services they need. We believe there are immediate simple and cost-effective steps that can be taken by the government and prison governors to ensure Friday releases are avoided.”

The Briefing is the first in a series from Nacro looking at practical challenges to effective resettlement for people leaving prison and put forward cost effective solutions.

Read the full briefing here