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Applying for funding

The Barrow Cadbury Trust is an independent charity using all its resources for social justice. We seek long-term solutions by looking at root causes of inequality, frequently working in partnership with others to identify solutionsWe focus on a small number of distinct policy areas and seek to influence them by building an evidence base, advocating for change and ensuring the voices of people affected by social injustices are heard in the debateMuch of our work is directed towards change at the national level: where we work locally this is almost always in Birmingham and the surrounding area. 

If you are thinking of applying for funding from us please watch our animation first and check out the objectives for the relevant programme and the explainer video on each of the programme pages. You will also find it useful to read our Vision, Mission and Values.

Frequently asked questions

The FAQs below should answer all your questions but do email us at: [email protected] if you have additional questions.