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Binita Mehta-Parmar steps down as Barrow Cadbury Trust trustee

The trustees and staff of the Barrow Cadbury Trust would like to thank Binita Mehta-Parmar for her service on our Board for more than three years.  Binita has been an active trustee with particular strengths in communications, local government, and migration and race issues, all of which have been a tremendous help to our work.

Although we are sorry to see her go, we will be staying in close touch with her as the reason for her resignation is a happy one.  Binita has been appointed to a key role at one of our partners, More In Common, and this poses too great a conflict of interest for her to continue on the Board.  On behalf of us all I congratulate Binita on this move and look forward to seeing her in her new role.  Thank you, Binita.

Erica Cadbury
Chair of Trustees