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Criminal Justice

Changes to Rehabilitation of Offenders Act legislation come into effect today

Changes to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act have been implemented today which reduce the length of time most criminal convictions must be declared by ex-offenders to employers. The legislation has not been updated for almost 40 years, despite numerous campaigns.


Business in the Community (BITC), supported by T2A Alliance has produced an up-to-date Guide and Top Tips to assist candidates with how, when and what to tell an employer about their criminal record.


BITC believe that a candidate has the best chance of getting into employment when they prepare and stay positive.  A candidate may have a criminal conviction but if it’s not related to the job and it won’t stop them from being a great employee, then they’re in with a shot.


The new guidance,  developed through workshops and in consultation with business, young people and the people that support them, should be used by advisors in discussion with the people they support, and can help prepare people to disclose their criminal convictions in a positive and constructive way. Download the new guidance.


Unlock, a national charity for people with convictions, has also produced new resources on the reforms to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and has updated its Disclosure Calculator.  These will help people to understand when convictions can be regarded as ‘spent’ under the reforms.  All are available to download from the Unlock online information hub.