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Countering post-Brexit intolerance

Along with many others we were surprised by the majority Leave vote last Thursday.  On Friday I decided that it was not appropriate for the Trust to comment, at least until a few things had settled down.

The situation feels very unsettled, as I am sure everyone will agree. However, we are very disturbed by hearing directly from our grantees and other partners about acts of racism and xenophobia affecting their communities.  Migrants from the EU and, paradoxically, long-settled communities from the Commonwealth and other countries are feeling unwelcome, insecure and in some instances are suffering abuse and even violence.

We know from long experience that the majority of people in Britain would not endorse this kind of behaviour and we call on all decent people, Leavers and Remainers alike, to speak out and resist the damage being done to our country and community relations by the minority of people with extreme views.

Before the referendum an online poll (by Voxter) told us that over two thirds of people (67%) thought EU migrants already in the UK should be able to stay in the event of a Leave vote.  Let’s face down the ugly acts of a minority and make sure ALL people feel welcome and are safe.

Sara Llewellin
Chief Executive, Barrow Cadbury Trust