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EPIM call for participation: communicating on migration in a changing environment

EPIM (Europeam Programme for Integration and Migation) is issuing a call for participation for civil society organisations (CSOs) working at pan-European level with the interest, ability and intent to build their communication capacities and explore ways of reaching out to the broader public on migration issues. The group of CSOs identified through this call will: (i) benefit directly from the support of a shared advisor to develop their skills in strategic communications (i.e., the use of communications to achieve or complement identified long-term goals) and (ii) receive support to learn to respond to current and/or immediate communications challenges. Joint activities among the participating CSOs will also be supported to share experience and practical information. This activity will take place over a one-year pilot phase period, with the potential for continuation.


The call for participation is open until 20 May 2016.


For all information on the call for participation, eligibility and selection criteria as well as the supporting documents, please visit the EPIM website.