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Fair by Design

Fair By Design welcome the Labour Party’s plan to create national financial inclusion strategy

The Labour Party has published its Financial Services Plan, a blueprint laying out the party’s plans for financial services if it wins the next general elections. The plan mentions poverty premiums as a consequence of lack of access to financial services and pledges to develop a national financial inclusion strategy, something Fair By Design have long called for.

The plan also includes commitments in other areas Fair By Design campaigns on, such as flexibility in payments; access to cash; exploring the need for alternative sources of credit for households, such as financing from community development finance institutions; and regulating Buy Now Pay Later. 

Martin Coppack, Director, Fair By Design, said:

“I’m incredibly pleased to see that the Labour Party has listened to Fair By Design and our partners’ calls for a national financial inclusion strategy. A strategy would give any party who wins the election the chance to make meaningful change to the lives millions of people who are excluded from financial services in the UK, or who are charged more for being poor.

“Labour’s plan acknowledges the link between financial exclusion and poverty premiums, which is a great start. Any future strategy will need a clear commitment to end poverty premiums.

“I call on all parties to make tackling the poverty premium part of their manifestos.”

Read Fair By Design’s election manifesto.