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Guide to Legal Remedies for Victims of Trafficking for Labour Exploitation

This guide by Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) provides practical information on the legal rights and avenues to compensation for victims of trafficking.  It recognises that access to legal remedies for victims of human trafficking is about more than compensation, and that access to justice relies on access to legal assistance and support.


The Guide first briefly addresses preliminary issues concerning the National Referral Mechanism and historic victims; before also outlining some non-financial remedies, including prosecution of traffickers, legal aid, non-criminalisation of victims, and immigration remedies. The Guide then goes on to consider in more detail the routes to accessing compensation, in light of the very low numbers of victims accessing compensation in the UK. The aim of the Guide is to provide practical information on the legal rights and avenues to compensation for victims of trafficking, and is aimed at migrant and community organisations that can assist service providers in informing victims about their legal options and directing them towards legal advice.

You can download the guide here.