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Hard, Soft or …. Social?


Today sees the launch of a new report written by Dr. Henry Kippin, Annabel Davidson Knight and Jason Bergen;  The Social Brexit: how fractious times could be a catalyst for collaborative social change in the UK.

Collaborate CIC, the social consultancy that supports cross-sector collaboration in order to tackle complex social challenges, have talked to a variety of respondents and produced this through-provoking report about what foundations could or maybe are already doing to make positive contributions to the post-referendum landscape.

The report focuses on the role that independent social funders can play in creating a more ‘social’ Brexit. That is, a future for the UK which is not based on zero-sum political calculation or an economic race to the bottom, but which instead starts with a more important question: what kind of society do we want to be a part of? And how does the Brexit vote help, hinder or catalyse progress to get there?

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