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How can a better asylum system be built?

Women for Refugee Women (WRW) launched its Set Her Free campaign against the detention of women seeking asylum in 2014.  Their new report The Way Ahead: an asylum system without detention sets out what an asylum system that doesn’t rely on detention would look like.  WRW worked with women who have sought asylum and incorporated their views into the report, at the same time as looking at the systems in other countries and what works.

The report also reflects on the reforms won so far in the Set Her Free campaign – such as the time limit on the detention of pregnant women and the Home Office’s rules to stop male officers watching women on suicide watch in Yarl’s Wood – both of which have informed where WRW thinks bigger and bolder changes are needed, as well as what changed after the campaign against child detention, and how the Family Returns Process ensures that kids are now very rarely locked up.

Their vision is set out in their  new report.