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Is Brexit increasing the risk of modern slavery?

A new report from Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) and the Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG) claims that Brexit could be increasing the risk of modern slavery.  The report, ‘Lost in transition: Brexit and labour exploitation’, published by a group of experts on modern slavery, reveals that uncertainty, confusion and threats to EU migrants as a result of Brexit, are making it more likely that EU workers will face labour exploitation in the UK.

According to the report uncertainty is undermining EU migrant workers’ confidence in their rights and status, and is making it more difficult for them to speak out against abuse. The report recommends that clear information needs to be provided by the Government to prevent unscrupulous employers from taking advantage of the fear and confusion felt by many workers.  It details how Brexit is already contributing to an increased risk of labour exploitation and how it could make modern slavery more likely in the future.