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Latino rights activist who helped persuade Obama tours UK

Carlos Saavedra, a prominent leader in the US movement for young undocumented migrants, is to begin a tour the UK organised by Hope not Hate.
Originally from Peru, Carlos witnessed at first-hand the hardships experienced by undocumented migrants in Massachusetts.
He was until recently a national organiser for United We Dream, the largest migrant youth-led network in the United States, with 47 affiliates in over 25 states, organising and advocating for access to higher education and legal status for all. Instrumental in building a movement for immigration reform, in 2011 Carlos was named Activist of the Year by The Nation magazine.
United We Dream was considered key to President Obama’s recent landmark decision to prioritise a Bill which would legalise 11 million undocumented migrants in the US, offering a path to citizenship for young people.
During his time in the UK, Carlos will be speaking at a number of events and workshops, including a public meeting in central London and events in the West Midlands.