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Launch of Equileap toolkit gives a boost to gender equality at work

Equileap, an organisation set up to accelerate progress towards gender equality at work, is issuing the first cross-sector ranking showing for the first time how well the world’s top public companies, across all sectors and countries, perform on gender equality.  It is part of a new toolkit designed to cut the 118 years it is estimated it will take for equality to be achieved at the present rates of change.  The toolkit includes:

  • The 2017 Gender Equality: Global Report & Ranking, presenting the Top 200 Companies, key findings on gender equality , as well as detailed insights per country and per sector.
  • Company Reports, custom-made documents with detailed information and aggregated figures on individual companies
  • The Family of Equileap Gender Equality Indices (Global, US and Europe,) designed to track best performing companies in terms of gender equality.  These Indices will be used both as benchmarks and underlyings of various financial products.

Read the report.