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Economic Justice

Layers of Inequality: new report examines impact of cuts on Coventry BME women

Following a successful launch event, Coventry Women’s Voices have formally released ‘Layers of Inequality,’ a joint report with Coventry Ethnic Minority Partnership, Foleshill Women’s Training and the Centre for Human Rights in Practice at Warwick Univeristy.
The report reveals that austerity has had a disproportionate impact on BME women in Coventry, exacerbating inequalities and posing a risk to the human rights of some BME women. It explores nine key areas: the labour market; housing, education & training, violence against women, health, social care, legal advice service and voluntary organisations.
BME women are more likely to be living in poverty, live in households which on average receive a higher proportion of their income through benefits or tax credits; work in the public sector or be unemployed. The heightened impact of cuts on BME women comes alongside historic and ongoing disadvantage, discrimination and prejudice.
You can read the report in full here.