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Fair by Design

New Age UK analysis shows an energy social tariff would have lifted 2.2 million households out of fuel poverty this winter 

Fair By Design are part of a coalition of Charities and groups calling on the Government to re-commit to the policy as part of a permanent solution for fuel poverty in the UK.

New analysis by Age UK has revealed that 2.2 million households would not be living in fuel poverty this winter – a reduction of around 65% – if the Government had implemented an energy social tariff to help the most vulnerable energy users in society. 

Despite repeated promises from the Government to consult on an energy social tariff they have failed to follow through on this commitment, letting down millions of people in fuel poverty who are still in desperate need of support. 

A Coalition of Charities, Age UK, Scope, Fair By Design, Mencap, MND Association and Sense, warn that the cost of living crisis is still adding huge pressures to household finances, with millions facing the dilemma of how they’re going to pay their energy bills this year. 

Read the rest of this release on Fair By Design’s website.