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New Migration Realities: Inclusive Narratives

Policy Network have published three new essay as part of its latest work on its New Migration Realities: Inclusive Narratives project.

Sunder Katwala, from British Future, argues that progressives can no longer ignore public concern on migration. To do so risks taking progressives ever further away from an effective public response to the populist challenge. It isn’t good enough, he believes, to try and change the subject – instead voters’ valid concerns will only be assuaged when they hear a practical plan to handle better the pressures of immigration.

Will Moy, director of Full Fact, writes that “the immigration debate badly needs fewer numbers and more choices”. More work can be done to provide better information, but this must be backed up by a response to fears about identity and culture.

Finally Maeve Glavey explores the complexity of immigration trends and public opinion across Europe.

All three correspondents believe that it is possible to build a more positive, and more popular, narrative on immigration.