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New report says wake up call is needed to reduce costs of faltering social integration

The Social Integration Commission, a major independent enquiry into the UK’s increasing diversity, has today issued the second of its three reports, entitled ‘Social Integration: A wake-up call’. The report reveals the costs to the current UK economy of a lack of social integration, and outlines the long-term consequences if action is not taken to tackle the increasing impact of segregation within our communities.


The Commission estimates that a lack of social integration today could cost the UK as much as £6 billion each year, nearly 0.5% of the UK’s total GDP because of the way lack of integration impacts on employment, productivity and career progression, and wellbeing.


The Commission found that a lack of integration makes it harder to find employment because of limited access to networks and reduced access to job opportunities.  It also found that a lack of integration within diverse communities leads to lower levels of trust, resulting in increased fear of crime and fewer positive social interactions.


The Commission’s first report, published in June 2014, revealed the extent of the lack of social integration within Britain. The Commission’s final report, due in early 2015, will provide a set of specific recommendations for how policymakers, businesses and individuals should tackle this problem and promote social integration.


The Social Integration Commission is a major independent enquiry that will explore key questions related to the UK’s increasing diversity. The Commission will:


  • Explore the nature and extent of social contact between people of different ages, ethnicities and income groups
  • Assess the impact of social division by age, ethnicity and income on the UK economy and society
  • Make practical and affordable recommendations for increasing social contact between people of different ages, ethnicities and income across key policy areas.


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