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Criminal Justice

Restorative Justice and BAME children in the youth justice system

The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) has published a new research report – Restorative justice and black, Asian and minority ethnic children in the youth justice system.  Written by Dr Muna Sabbagh the report is the result of an eight-month research project looking at BAME children who have offended and their access to and experience of restorative justice.

Drawing on a review of the existing evidence and qualitative interviews with BAME children and youth justice and restorative justice professionals, the report examines current practice and sets out a series of recommendations for changes in policy and practice.  In particular, the report supports existing evidence that BAME children experience high levels of mistrust of the police and the criminal justice system, and this needs to be carefully considered when making the offer of restorative justice.

It is also essential that restorative justice practitioners are provided with specific training, where necessary, in engaging BAME children from different cultural and faith backgrounds.

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