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Runnymede launch Equality Scorecard

Runnymede is launching a Race Equality Scorecard project today in Parliament. The project is an innovative way of filling the accountability  gap – holding local authorities and other stakeholders, such as the police and  NHS, to account for racial inequalities in their areas.


The two year project  has partnered with local race equality bodies in three London boroughs:  Croydon, Kingston and Redbridge.  Runnymede has collected and monitored data on outcomes in seven key areas, including employment, criminal justice, education and health.  Through their research they have created a constructive dialogue with local authorities and other stakeholders with responsibility for the welfare of BME communities.


The Race Card website will provide a space where a diverse set of voices can speak honestly  about race. It is produced by a mixture of journalists, bloggers, politicians and academics and will equip users with analysis and data to tackle racial inequality in the UK.