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Income inequality has become an increasingly important political issue in recent months. The High Pay Centre has released a new 3 minute animation to outline the size of the paygap and compares the situation with other European countries, where similar levels of total income are shared much more evenly, meaning that people at the bottom and in the middle have more.


The film highlights how:

  • pay for top bosses nearly doubled over the past decade, while ordinary workers wages remained the same


  • a FTSE 100 CEO earns four times as much in one year as the average worker does in their entire lifetime


  • if total incomes in the UK were divided as evenly as in Denmark or the Netherlands, 99 per cent of households would be better off by nearly £3,000 per year



You can watch the first film here and you can access additional reports and information on income inequality and excessive pay on the High Pay Centre’s blog and publication pages.

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