Public Spending Cuts: Learning the Lessons from Canada (inc. full footage)

[Photo: Michael Mendelson (second left), with Kitty Ussher (Demos, left), Kim Catcheside (centre), Julian McCrae (Institute for Government, right)]

The Barrow Cadbury Fund (the non-charitable arm of the Barrow Cadbury group) is currently hosting Michael Mendelson, who was a deputy-minister of the Cabinet Office in Ontario at the time of the major fiscal consolidation in Canada in the 1990s.  Canada has frequently been quoted as an example of successful fiscal consolidation, which the UK could emulate.


Michael Mendelson has been presenting his perspective on the UK’s current situation, describing the very different context in which the Canadian consolidation took place.


He calls into question the wisdom, and likely chance of success, of cuts undertaken in a very different economic climate.  A copy of a paper in which he summarises his arguments can be downloaded here



[Full footage of the event, including presentations from Michael Mendelson, Kitty Ussher (Demos), Kim Catcheside, Julian McCrae (Institute for Government, and Sir Stuart Etherington (National Association of Voluntary Organisations)]


Coverage in The Guardian newspaper (Zoe Williams, 18 May 2011) can be found here