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Criminal Justice

Agenda Alliance – campaigning for change for women and girls at risk

Agenda Alliance was formed in 2015 to advocate for change for women and girls at risk. Its formation followed work by a group of trusts, foundations and voluntary sector organisations, including Barrow Cadbury Trust, building on the momentum of Baroness Corston’s 2007 report into women in the criminal justice system.  In 2017 Agenda launched the first National Commission on Domestic and Sexual Abuse and Multiple Disadvantage with AVA (Against Violence and Abuse), becoming an independent charity in 2018.

Focusing on gender and multiple disadvantage the Alliance now has over 100 members across England and Wales spanning a range of specialisms, bringing together large national charities and small local organisations to campaign for women and girls with unmet needs. 

In partnership with the Alliance for Youth Justice it developed the Young Women’s Justice Project to build a strong evidence base about the needs of girls and young women in contact with the justice system. It aims to influence policy to better take account of younger women when developing and delivering women’s services. The work empowers young women to act as advocates and safely share their experiences to make the case for change.