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Social Investment

Bristol Together (CIC)

Bristol Together provides training and work opportunities in the building trade to ex-offenders through refurbishment of properties. It has worked with 100 ex-offenders since it started in 2011.  Less than 10% of its employees have re-offended since it started. The national re-offending average is above 25% within 6 months of release and 54% within one year. Eighty-six per cent of their workers have been imprisoned for serious offences.

Bristol Together was one of Barrow Cadbury Trust’s early social investments, with the first investment made in May 2012. This was an early and positive example of a social enterprise raising capital through social investment.  Most recently Barrow Cadbury Trust provided equity investment and a loan for capital to buy and refurbish properties.

As of July 2023 three ex-offenders were working on projects and BT was also offering 4-6 short term work placements. Read more about Bristol Together