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Criminal Justice

Spark Inside – driving culture change for young adults in the criminal justice system

Established in 2012,
Spark Inside works with prisoners and prison staff in  prisons, youth offenders institutions and secure training centres across London and the South East with a focus on the 15-25 age group.  



Its founder saw that many people in prison felt there were barriers to living a crime-free future, despite being motivated to change, when they connected to their passion – or their 
‘spark inside’. She found that young Londoners whose lives had been impacted by prison wanted coaching. Hero’s Journey – a structured life coaching programme for 15-to-25-year-olds in prison was developed. 

In 2021 the report ‘Being Well Being Equal’ was launched, making the case for more support for young men and young Black men’s well-being in prison, including tailored programmes. T2A’s chair, Leroy Logan, wrote a blog for T2A (Transition to Adulthood) about the project.