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Fair by Design

Making the transition to net zero fair for low income consumers

One of Fair By Design’s core driving principles is to be evidence-based and informed by the voices of those who experience the poverty premium. To do this we use inclusive design.


Inclusive design is the practice of designing products and services so that everyone can use them. Inclusive design aims to include people with direct experience of an issue in the design of products and services. 

In Spring 2022, Fair By Design collaborated with Toynbee Hall and Ofgem on a project looking at how we can make the transition to net zero fair for low-income consumers.  

Fair By Design used the participatory action research (PAR) model, working with peer researchers to gather insight and co-create solutions. 

The paper describes how we used inclusive design to place people with lived experience of poverty at the centre of policy decisions. It highlights how this can be done by any decision or policy-maker, and why inclusive design is essential for delivering markets that work for all consumers.