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Criminal Justice

The Youth 2 Adult (Y2A) Hub 

The Youth 2 Adult (Y2A) Hub, set up in April 2022, was the first of its kind in the UK. It is a multi-agency hub for young adults on probation in Newham, London, offering a maturity-informed approach, working in a trauma-informed way informed by the work of T2A (Transition to Adulthood). It is a government-funded pilot and a collaboration between MOPAC (Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime), the Ministry of Justice and London Probation.  


The Y2A hub is a multidisciplinary team made up of eight different services all located with probation under one roof. The hub works with all 18-25-year-olds on probation and 17-year-olds transitioning from the Youth Justice Service to adult probation, focusing on young men and women, regardless of offence type.