The Barrow Cadbury Trust believes that migrants and refugees should be treated in a fair and dignified manner. The aim of the migration programme is to promote an immigration system that is fair to both migrants and established residents, as well as to facilitate a policy and public debate on migration and integration based on shared values as well as evidence.

Theory of change:

Migrants and refugees may not be treated equally to established residents and citizens of the UK. At the same time the impact of recent large-scale immigration and unprecedented population mobility in the UK, particularly in relation to poorer communities, has not been fully explored or understood.

Barriers to the fair treatment of migrants include discrimination, the impact of specific policies and the tenor of the public debate. In particular, policy-makers and politicians are constrained by the narrow framing of the debate on migration and integration. There is a need to address this to alter the dynamics of integration on the ground and to provide space for the development of humane policies for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.

We hope to achieve positive change in this area through local and national campaigning and activism; policy influencing, and broadening the debate.

To date we have:

  • Worked with others to contribute towards a growing awareness that public attitudes are more nuanced in the UK than is often presented.
  • Supported campaigners and NGOs working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and also promoted work to bring communities together around shared values and common interests and concerns.
  • Worked with a range of independent research institutions and think tanks from across the political spectrum to develop workable solutions to a range of policy areas and on broader questions such as how mainstream politicians should respond to populism and extremism

Our current objectives are:

  • To promote greater understanding within communities and promote the fair and dignified treatment of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.
  • To broaden and deepen the public debate on migration and integration and ensure that it draws on shared values as well as evidence.
  • To inform public policy and promote workable policies in relation to immigration and integration.

We are particularly interested in the following areas: 

  • Work promoting positive interaction between different groups in order to counter xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia. This could include the identification of spokespeople, both Muslims and non-Muslims, to challenge extremism and promote a liberal, inclusive sense of national identity. It could also include highlighting promising practice and practical examples of where integration has worked within communities.
  • Supporting migrant organisations, campaigners and others to influence national policy and promote the fair and dignified treatment of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, particularly undocumented migrants.
  • Ensuring a broad range of voices is heard in the debate about migration and integration, including those affected by injustice.
  • Supporting work to deepen understanding of public attitudes and concerns about immigration and integration and develop appropriate responses.
  • Funding research and policy work on discrete areas of public policy with a view to developing fair and workable solutions to policy challenges.

The Barrow Cadbury Trust has strong historic links to Birmingham.  If your work is based in the Birmingham and the surrounding area, in addition to the priorities above we are also interested in:  

  • Projects that build networks across sectors and communities in Birmingham to strengthen the voice of local people on issues relating to migration and integration;
  • Opportunities for joint working and information sharing between organisations and networks in the city that will improve the lives of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees or promote integration.

Please note:

We rarely fund university research projects.  Where we do, it is either (a) work we commission ourselves as part of building our evidence base for social change, or (b) is in partnership with a voluntary sector or social change organisation where the research is part of a long-term programme of work aiming at the systems change our programme seeks to achieve.

Making an application

If you think your work fits our migration programme objectives, criteria and theory of change, or if you would like to find out if it is eligible, please complete an enquiry form.  We will aim to respond  within 10 working days.

Please only fill in an application form if you have already discussed your project with us and we have asked you to.

Key Contacts

Ayesha Saran

Ayesha Saran

Migration Programme Manager