Our Gender/BAME Pay Gaps

Salaries – Gender and BAME comparisons

As at 31 March 2019:

During the year we calculated our gender and BAME pay gaps.  In an organisation as small as this (18 staff plus one vacancy) any movement in staffing can have a marked impact on results.  We calculated by mean (average) and median (the middle salary if all are lined up in a row).  These can differ markedly due to the distribution of seniority.

Gender – the staffing complement is 13 females and 5 males.  Our pay gap at the year end was -3.6% (mean) and 0.0% median.  This means on average women staff were paid more than men by 3.6% (mean) but exactly the same (median).  In a staff team of this size, we consider this difference marginal.

BAME – We ask staff to self-define.  The staffing complement is 8 BAME and 10 non-BAME.  Our pay gap at the end of the year end was 14.7% (mean) and -4.6% median.  This means on average BAME staff were paid 14.7% less (mean) but 4.6% more (median).  This is because we have fewer BAME staff on the lower salary scales, but also fewer on the highest.

Clearly a gap of 14.7% is more than marginal and our progression pay scales will improve this at least over the next several years (assuming a static staff complement).  However, we are encouraged by the ‘direction of travel’ insofar as the BAME ‘pipeline’ of middle managers will hopefully hold more senior roles in the sector in years to come.