Below are some resources which will help you if you are already receiving, or have been awarded, a grant from the Barrow Cadbury Trust:

Standard terms and conditions

Your offer letter includes the standard terms and conditions of your grant and those specifically relating to your grant. We update our offer letter from time to time so you should refer to our original offer letter for exact details of our agreement with you.

We will be emailing you a link to a reporting form when your report is due but you can find pdf versions – purely for reference – below of our interim, end of year, and final grant forms should you need to refer to them, as well as an application form in case you have been asked to complete one for an additional or new piece of work:

Communications expectations

If you are awarded a grant, your offer letter will contain details of our expectations around communications and what we can offer in terms of dissemination.  If you have any questions about communications which aren’t covered in the offer letter do contact Diana Ruthven, Communications Manager, or Rosie Mitchell-Hudson, Operations and Communications Officer.

Please do let us have details about any launch event, draft report, press release, social media campaign etc. so we can make sure to support you in your dissemination plans.

If you are being funded by another trust or foundation to carry out a piece of work which you think Barrow Cadbury Trust might be interested in, or which you would like us to tweet about or include in our enews, do get in touch.

Media work

And if you need guidance on writing a press release or engaging with the media the Know How Non-profit website, supported by NCVO, has a useful section on media coverage.  NEON have also produced a Press Officer Handbook which contains guidance on framing, press releases, pitching to the media and using other forms of media.

Working with Film

The Impact Field Guide & Toolkit has been produced by to help anyone working with film to make an impact.  It’s available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese.

Ethical guidelines for research projects

All organisations we fund to carry out research are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the ethical standards currently accepted as good practice within the relevant areas of research or practice. Where ethical considerations or special permissions arise from proposals, organisations must obtain appropriate consents before the project begins.

Living Wage

To find out more about why Barrow Cadbury Trust is a Living Wage Employer and Funder, go to our Living Wage page.  And if you need support from us about becoming a Living Wage Employer do get in touch.